Zoe Smith

smith, zoe

Doctoral student

Zoe Smith, M.S., is a doctoral candidate in the child/adolescent concentration of the clinical psychology program. Zoe received her B.A. with distinction in psychology from Kenyon College in 2015, beginning her graduate work that fall. Zoe's program of research has focused on the validity, clinical utility, and underlying features of a construct known as Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) in youth with ADHD. Zoe is also interested in how motivation plays a role in deficits seen in both SCT and ADHD and how interventions may alleviate these deficits. In the future, she hopes to develop and pilot a brief, problem-focused intervention to alleviate the most impairing aspects of SCT. Clinically, Zoe has focused on evidence-based interventions with pediatric populations, including youth and young adults within the hematology/oncology and transplant division of the Children's Hospital of Richmond.