For Parents

‌This how-to manual gives you, as parents and caregivers, the tools you need to help your child thrive at school. Tested by school psychologists and parents, the techniques in this guide help you enhance your child’s homework and organizational skills – with or without additional professional supervision! 

Following the methods in this book, learn to support your child in a variety of areas, including:

• homework recording and completion

• organization of materials

• planning ahead for long-term projects

• time management practices

• balancing homework with extracurricular activities


For Clinicians and Schools

This practical manual guides you through evidence-based interventions for homework completion and recording, organization, time management, and planning skills. Learn the skills to approaching each student as an individual and reinforcing positively without the negative.

With this tool, you'll be ready to successfully:

• implement organization skills interventions

• help students with ADHD and executive functioning problems

• apply to work with individuals, small groups, or a full classroom

• translate skills learned into positive results in the classroom



Langberg discusses the development and evaluation of the Accessing Campus Connections and Empowering Student Success (ACCESS) intervention, one of the only evidence-based interventions available for college students with ADHD.

Langberg explains how to help children with ADHD use effective homework, organization and planning skills in this live webcast with CHADD.

Other Resources


VCU Center for Psychological Services and Development: The Center for Psychological Services and Development (CPSD) assists individuals and families in need of counseling and assessment with affordable services provided by professionals and graduate students in the mental health field. The CPSD is operated through the Department of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University.‌



The VCU Center for ADHD Research, Education, and Service strives to improve the lives of families of children with ADHD through our scholarship, the provision of evidence-based clinical services, and community educational activities.    

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), is a national non-profit, tax-exempt [Section 501(c)(3)] organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with ADHD.